Thursday, Nov. 23, 1944

328th day – 38 days follow

Went up the hill this morning and had two mice in a trap in the kitchen.

Took a walk over to the store and got the glove.

From there I went up to Billy Wards playing and found only two flakes. Tracked a fox and two pheasants.

Thel went over to the Depot and got Dave, Dot, and Davene at 10-30 AM.

Thel called up Roy Habman and he is taking Dave, Dot and Davene up with him to Boston.

Victoria called up and talked to Dave this afternoon.

Arthur Cox came in for an hour or so today.

Went up on the hill at 9-30 P.M.

Bud took me up so I could start up the furnace for hot water, he brought me home after I got it all fixed up.

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