Sunday, Nov. 26, 1944

331st day – 35 days follow

This morning I went up on the hill and from over to the H.H. potato garden and found one nice notched base black arrowhead.

From there I walked up to Bill Henry’s old farm and hunted there for a couple of hours. Bill came up and hunted for a while, we didn’t find a thing. So I rode home with him.

While we were there Mrs Chateau came home in a car and hit her own dog as she came around the curve between Geo Leaches and her house. About ten minutes after Pete came home from the opposite direction. I am still wondering what she told Pete when he found the dog was hurt.

Put up a new ariel, and worked in the garden.

Wnrt up on the hill, stopped at Picks – nobody home.

Ethel Swift and Helen are here now.

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