Saturday, Dec. 2, 1944

337th day – 29 days follow


When I got up on the hill Mr. H and Geo Crowell were there, the rest had gone up to Boston.

There were three blue birds this morning on the bird house in my yard.

Carted out logs and brush this A.M.

Bill came up after dinner and he and I went up to the dig.

We opened up section 13. Bill found a pit that had a single deer horn in that was either a freak horn or a different species of deer than I have ever seen before.

He also found a lot of pottery all together in layers as if a pot had been crushed all in one place, we left it there till we had more time to properly work on it.

I found one triangular crude green arrow coarse flaking, one white quartz scraper, a patch of red and grey ash, and one small good triangular, all straightened sides black arrow point, this one was made from a flake.

Tonight I went up to the hospital to see Eleanor, she is fine, on the way back I stopped in to see May.

There was a bean supper up at the church tonight.

Thel was over to the Hathaways and saw Charlie Fraser over there.

Archie gave me a ride up to the hospital.

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