Monday, Dec. 11, 1944

346th day – 20 days follow

Made a wreath and got some xmas trees fixed up.

Saw a robin in the pool garden.

Thel said Nona and John are busting up for good after Christmas.

This is a wonderful day for winter.

Phinney’s truck came up and took off the freezing unit, the two lawn mowers, a christmas tree, and two bedroom screens.

On the way home I cut a bundle of sticks and got a bushel basket of smap moss for Thel to make up a Xmas decorative basket.

Helen Covell is here tonight helping on the decorations.

One Reply to “Monday, Dec. 11, 1944”

  1. I just love his placements of sentences! First we have the break up of two and the next sentence is “This is a wonderful day for winter”. Guess that’s life!

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