Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1944

348th day – 18 days follow

Geo Crowell went up on the hill this morning and he had the star light shade that used to be down at the Beach Club. He left it as a xmas gift to Mrs. Hornblower.

Worked down on the drive.

Bull came up on the hill this afternoon, his grandson was with him, he had a copy of a letter he had written to Doug Byers.

I went over to town and got a ham cut and paid my bill at Jordans and paid my water tax and got a pair of mittens and two batteries.

Took the 7 P.M. bus to the Armory.

We were paid for the hurricane call, I got 3.65 for my pay.

Rode as far as J.B.s corner with Deane, Clarkie, and Paul.

Thel went out to her club tonight.

Helen Covell was here tonight.

Cotte has been made a sargent.

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