Friday, Jan. 5, 1945

5th day – 360 days follow

Temp 15

Fair and cool today.

Picked up rubbish this morning.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric on the way home from work. David was taking a nap.

I had a letter from Gertie, Eleanor got one from a Mrs. Wolf. The wife of one of George’s buddies in France.

Thel got a letter from George thanking her for the cablegram, he said he got his xmas presents Dece 24.

John Finney’s men came up for a couple of hours this afternoon and hauled out the spruce logs.

Victoria took a walk up on the hill this afternoon with her two boys.

From there she was coming over here.

Ski got a letter from Alex Smith, he has been moved from where he was stationed in Holland.

Gertue said her Eddie is in the third Armory, the same as George and Eddie Hathaway.

Eleanor went to town and bought a new coat and it looks fun on her.  

Cleaned up brush all day.

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