Saturday, Jan. 13, 1945

13th day – 352 days to follow

Temp 31

Warm and cloudy, very slippery.

Burned up a lot more brush in the grove.

Saw a flock of 21 geese flying south at 12.16

Saw two blue jays, one sparrow, one downey woodpecker, some juncos, Chickadees, some crows, and one downey woodpecker. 

Stopped in to see Pic, and Eric on my way home from work.

After dinner Jack and I took a hoe and a bucket and went up to the rocks in front of the Hotel. I never saw such hard digging. The ground was frozen about two inches, and I had to chop thaw that to get the clams.

Thel and Ski came up to the Hotel and gave us a ride home.

Thel took Evelyn home.

Percy Finney came over and we played 5 games of cribbage, I won the rubber game.

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