Monday, Jan. 15, 1945

15th day – 350 days to follow

Temp 32

Fair and warm

There is about four inches of hard frozen snow on the ground and slippery as ice and I got one good fall flat on my back.

Worked all day bruning brush, am on the drive now.

There was a bunch of 8 kids on the front drive coasting today. They were with the Clarke boy.

Saw the march hawk tonight light up on the hill.

Saw the quail tracks again today.

Thel and Ski have gone up to the church to help put on the supper for the G.C.

When I got home at noon Pic, Eric, and David were here for dinner.

After dinner Pic and Eleanor took their kids over to visit Thea De Cost on Clifford Road.

Percy Finney came over and won 3 out of 4 games of crib from me.

I called up Walder and asked him to find out how much I will take for her place.

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