Thursday, Jan. 18, 1945

18th day – 347 days to follow


Called up Miss Rice this morning. 

Fair and cold.

When I was coming home at noon I saw two male blue birds in front of Genie Finny’s cottage, they were eating bay berries.

Lots of rabbit tracks, the partridge was down at the foot of the drive it had been eating rose pips.

After supper I went over to Archie’s and Jubbie and I played crib till 11 P.M.

There were 25 women here this evening giving a story shower for Helen Downey. She was not here as they have her up at the hospital expecting to have her baby.

Saw two goldfinches.

The kids were up on the hill on their skies

Irene Rounds stepped on Jack and he jumped up and let out a howl and she though sh was being chewed up.

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