Sunday, Jan. 28, 1945

27th day – 338 days to follow

Temp 36

Fair and warmer, swell day.

Went up on the hill and saw Mr H Dimp and Geo Cromwell and stayed there till they went back to Boston.

He said 4,600 was top price he would igve for Id’s.

Stopped in to see Walder and his family.

After dinner Thel Ski and I and the Hathaways took a trip down to the pond.

The ice is 10 inches thick and the pond is almost full again.

There was two Swedes fishing thru the ice, they said they caught some pickerel this AM but none in the PM.

They gave us some chubs and Archie and I fished for an hour or so and caught nothing.

We had a flat tire on the way home up by Carls. Archie and I took off the wheel and took it to Gellies and he put Archie’s tire and tube on our wheel and we got home ok.

After supper Ethel Swift and Helen was in for a spell, They are going to have another stok shower here for Carmen Haire.

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