Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1945

29th day – 336 days to follow

Temp 30

Beautiful day today, mild and fair.

Burned brush on the drive and I stopped in to see Pic and Eric. David was in bed. Walder’s Aunt was there. Pic had a medical check up and she is OK.

The kids never had such a sliding as there has been this past month, hard frozen snow and ice everywhere.

Burned up a lot of rubbish this afternoon.

Ski and Eleanor went out coasting today.

I hear Helen Finney has quit her job at the Cordage.

Phil Chandler comes up to his house “Ira Ward” and stays all day.

Thel took the gremlin for a buggie ride over to Cozettes.

Slipping ice all over the grass

Watch your seto ot bust your pants

Redo brought me up some bird grain from Jordan’s.

I got a letter from Mr H about several items of interest to me.

Eleanor went down to Mabbits tonight.

Jubbie came over tonight and we all played rummy.

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