Tuesday, March 6, 1945

65th day – 300 days to follow

Temp 45


Cleaned up around the front of the house.

Came home by Geney Finneys and found a good scraper.

Stopped at Picks, nobody home.

Found my steel trap I lost in the brook.

Looked in Holtons garden, nothing there.

When I got home I had to go up to Aunt Tirzah’s and do some more work on her oil burner.

Nellie is sick and the Dr came up as I left.

Looks as if it is going to clear up tonight.

Hope the old oil burner works A.R. for some time to come.

Thel and Eleanor have been sewing all day.

Wrote a Vmail letter to Harry and a card to Barden and made out my Burpee seed order.

Found my State Guard manuel that was missing.

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