Wednesday, March 14, 1945

73rd day – 292 days to follow

Temp 62

Fair and warm, the first day I have worked in my shirt sleeves.

Came home by Picks and saw her and Eric.

A fire truck went by at noon and I ran out and the whale valley was a cloud of smoke.

As Thel drove me up on the hill and the fire had just jumped the fire beld into the white pine grove.

Four fire trucks came up, fortunately the needles were damp under the pines so they were hardly damaged but it burned through a lot of small red pines and I won’t be able to tell for some time.

The fire got started from grass Geo Dunlap was burning.

I went over to the Armory on the bus and we are getting ready for Federal Inspection.

Deane gave me a ride home as far as Cliff St corner.

Ski went over to Carl Rounds tonight to help work out a program for a play the Fellowship is going to put on.

I hope we get a good rating at our inspection.

The Grange had Memorial Hall for entertainment tonight.

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