Tuesday, March 20, 1945

79th day – 286 days to follow

Temp 80

Fair and hot for this time of year at 4 P.M. it was eighty degrees.

Mrs H, Martha, and Mary the cook are up on the hill.

Al Holman had a grass fire get away from him at noon, no damage.

Took a look at the Beach Club.

An army planet cracked up in the harbor this afternoon, the pilot and co-pilot are O.K.

The and went over into Phil Chandler’s garden and I gug out a bushel sized shell pit all that was in it was a lot of mussel shells, a few shoe clams, a few deer bones, some full sized sea clams, one snail, a few flakes, and some ashes.

Percy Finney came over and watched me dig.

Trimmed and cleaned up around the bowling green.

Saw two butterflies that makes three so far all black ones medium sized.

First thunderstorm of the year tonight.

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