Friday, March 23, 1945

82nd day – 283 days to follow

Temp 40

Snowed this AM, cleared off at noon and thawed.

Saw seven geese fly over the barn about forty yards high and a whale of a big flock at noon down over the harbor.

Mr. Gilbert and Ashton Howland came up this morning and Ashton worked all day on the dish cabinet.

Thel drove me over to the Armory and we had a three hour session, two of which were federal inspection and the army officer complimented us very highly.

We had coffee and cupcakes for refreshments.

Deame gave me a ride home as far as the foot of Cliff St.

Mr Hornblower called up to let me know he is on the hill.

One Reply to “Friday, March 23, 1945”

  1. The bit about geese reminds me I heard a flock going over us in the dark around midnight last night, honking gently as they went.


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