Monday, March 26, 1945

85th day – 280 days to follow

Temp 65


Fair and warmer.

I called up White Fuel and ordered a load of fuel oil.

Saw the first chipmunk down by the pool garden.

Saw three mourning doves up on the hill.

Jubbie worked this afternoon.

After work tonight I took a walk around the square and found part of the largest quartz spear point I have ever seen yet it was in a small new garden on the shore side of the street next to the Roberts place.

Took a look at the sand back and found a large knife blank, poor. From there I went over to Fred Moons and found a broken spear but on Fred’s garden.

Fred said he would come over and start the painting next week.

Saw Deane Eldridge by Eel River Bridge.

Phil Chandler brought his cows up to Cliff St today.

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