Sunday, April 8, 1945

98th day – 267 days to follow

Temp 65

Fair and a little warmer.

Dave, George, and I went up on the hill and I uncovered the frames.

Came back and we sat out in the sun.

Claire Driscoll came over.

We took a ride down to the camp and stayed only a short time.

We came back by Long Pond and down by Clam Pudding pond and thru Symington’s down timber.

When we got home Bob and Gretchen were here and they stayed till 6 PM

Eleanor took the crowd over to the train.

I don’t suppose we will see George again till the war is over.

There was a forest fire down by Clam Pudding Pond and it burned for a couple hours.

Dave told me he has had his pay raised twice since he went to work at MIT.

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