Tuesday, April 17, 1945

107th day – 258 days to follow

Pres Truman

Temp 70

Fair this afternoon, showers this AM.

Planted some beets and some beans up on the hill.

Stopped in to see Picks boys on the way home from work.

Bill came up after supper to get his sweater he left it last Saturday.

Worked out some rows for potatoes in my own garden.

Worked on my canoe, put some marine putty on the scratches.

Thel is feeling punk, I think she must have strained herself yesterday.

Eleanor sold 22 more of her chicks today, now she is down to 53.

Ski went horseback riding on Phil Chandlers horse.

President Truman is just started to make a speech to the armed forces, 10 PM.

Mrs H called up tonight.

Worked some on the canoe.

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