Sunday, May 20, 1945

140th day – 225 days to follow

Temp 65

Marie’s first trip to the Camp

This morning I went over to HH plowing and found nothing.

When I got home we all went down to the camp, we went the back road and I stopped at the Withingtons and left a copy of the Bulletin. D Lofie was there, he had just come home from California.

We went up by Symingtons and Long Pond.

I see the Raymonds have pulled down their old homestead and have some new lumber piled up there.

Ski and I did a little fishing and I got one tiny red perch. Too windy.

Put in most all day shoveling one the roadway, printing up trees.

We came home at 6.30 as Ski had to go to Church.

It was Marie’s first trip down to the Camp

All the Hathaway family and Fannie Holman were down working on their cottage.

I heard that Aunt Tirzah is failing fast, her mind seems to be going.

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