Thursday, May 24, 1945

144th day – 221 days to follow

Temp 65


Fair and a trifle cooler.

Thel came up on the hill this morning and she had a letter from Dave.

Saw a pair of Quail down by the fire belt.

Charle Fraser has a lot of stuff for sale out in the yard, lawn chairs he made and some desks out of the old Cliff St school.

Worked all day on the windows and the screens.

Bill Whiting came up after supper and he and I went up to the dig and we found only one poor arrowhead, a piece of red gorget and a piece of a slate one, and one small nose quartz scraper, and a lot of deer bones, and about four inches of a shell. Bill found a few rotten shards of pottery in the subsoil, too poor to save.

Bill called me up at 10 PM.

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