Monday, June 4, 1945

155th day – 210 days to follow

Temp 47

Worked up in this mornin and oiled floors in the afternoon.

This AM there a flock of crows were mobbing an owl up around the hill and they all came down by my shanty, one of the crows let on a pitch pine and I grabbed the 410 and knocked it off. And slipped in another shell and another crow flew by about 35 yards away and I made a beautiful wing shot and knocked it for a loop, one of the best quick wing shots I ever made.

After supper I put fertilizer around three rows of corn and two of peas and howed them up.

hHile I was at it Geo Lee and Bertha came here to return one car and stayed till 10 PM we took them home.

Ski went up to the fellowship to work around the church.

Cold east wind tonight a little above 40.

The CO told me that I turn my stuff in on the 20.

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