Monday, June 18, 1945

169th day – 196 days to follow

Temp 90+

Fair and hot. Lots of thundershowers but no rain here and we sure need some.

Bill Whiting was up on the hill this AM he is taking up the herring trap.

Mowed grass on the back driveway.

Martha and Mike Driscoll were in here for a couple of hours last night. Mike is just back from a four year stretch in Central AMerica.

Martha’s friend left today.

Mrs H said she talked to Bud last night and he has been assigned to fly in the So Pacific area.

Boy but I sure have sweat today.

Thel went to town and got me some Bordeau mixture for my potatoes.

Pic was over with her boys.

Started in to use the pressure sprayer and found I had a major repairing job to do before I could use it.

Eb Swift and his boy Kenney were in for a couple of hours this evening. He said Grace is over at Mays for a week.

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