Monday, July 9, 1945

190th day – 175 days to follow

Temp 86


Eric is 3 years old

Fair and hot. There was a partial eclipse of the sun this am from 8 to 9-36 am.

Smoked a glass and took a look at the sun.

I went over to town and got a bow for my glasses and paide my town taxes and bought a bond.

Jubbie and I took Harvey’s wife’s stuff over to the Greenough House this afternoon. She is staying there for three weeks.

Stopped in to see Eric on my way home from work as it is his third birthday. Pic had a birthday party for him and he got several presents.

Hodkins is using some of the lumber from the pulled down barn to put an extension on the ell of his house.

Thel has been bothered the past few days with pains in her face, she thinks it is caused by bad teeth.

George has gone to a rehearsal of the band he used to belong to.

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