Wednesday, July 18, 1945

199th day – 166 days to follow

Temp 80


Fair and warm

Jubbie and I started to trim the lower limbs off the pines between the fire strip and the garage.

Eddie came up from the camp and got some food and went right back again.

We have had a lot of fog but not much rain.

The baby hummingbirds left the nest today.

Ashton Howland was up again today.

Mrs H is going up to Boston tomorrow morning.

Ashton said “I used to go fishing a lot before we had to have a license when I had to pay to fish I quit.”

Thel, Ski and I went to town tonight and we had supper at Pioppies and went to the pictures and saw the Picture in the news reel of the British fire defenses against an invasion from France by Germany.

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