Sunday, Aug. 12, 1945

224th day – 141 days to follow

Japan has not quit 

Fair and hot wind So West

All of the family went down to the camp this morning.

The Hathaways came right after we got there and brought their dog.

They couldn’t use their cottage as Scottie Watson was using it.

So we had a big crowd all day. 

Archie, Jubbie and I fished most all day and got only the usual small stuff.

About 7 PM the two scotties got fighting on the point and Thel and Cozette had a hard time getting them separated and in the scuffle Thel got bit quite hard in the right wrist.

Eben Shaw and his wife were at their camp.

The two kids behaved first rate.

President Truman announced that Japan has accepted our peace terms at 9.32 PM.

No soap, this was a fake report.

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