Sunday, Aug. 19, 1945

231st day – 134 days to follow


Partly cloudy and cooler.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire.

Eleanor, Ski, Marie, Fannie and I came down to the camp, Ski and Eleanor and Marie went right back.

Archie and I took up my well piping and put on a new point and got a swell stream of cold, clear water.

After dinner Archie and I went fishing over in East Cove and we caught a lot of Blue gills and I got two bass mediums.

A fellow got a 26 inch pickerel off my point so I heard.

Thel went down home and took Jubbie to tix the fire and Fannie to go home to Kingston.

Archie and I had supper over at his house after we got thru fishing.

Thel and Jub came back and we came home.

George let Eleanor know that he expects the 95 has got to go to the Pacific.

I hope it isn’t so.

Started to take my vacation today.

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