Thursday, Aug. 23, 1945

235th day – 130 days to follow

Arrowhead – Fishing

Partly cloudy and cooler wind No.

This morning I rowed the boat over to the Green Turtle and left it there, then went over to the old GHP did and howed for a while and got nothing.  But found one tiny white quartz triangular point.

From there I went over to Triangle Pond and went out on a hurricane fallen pitch pine, I cast out a spinner and got a pickerel and a big red perch in three casts.

Then I fished with worms and got six large perch and two hornspouts and about 20 roaches.  Then I changed back to the spinner and got another pickerel and a red perch.

Then I went back to the camp put the trio pout in Island pond.

Cleaned the ten fish and we had a good meal off them.

Fished in Ireland pond during the evening and didn’t get a strike. 

Davene hahaved fair today.

Cloudy all day.

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