Thursday, Sept. 13, 1945

256th day – 109 days to follow

Fair and warm wonderful day.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire, then came back and Thel, Ski and I started for Brockton Fair.

We picked up Archie and Cozette on the corner of Cliff St.

We rode up to Brockton and the women had some shopping to do, I bought two pairs of work pants at Sears.

Ski and I walked from Sears up to the fair grounds.

Archie, Thel, and Cozette came up in the car.

The fair sure has gone down hill in the last 35 years, there wouldn’t be anything there at all now if it wasn’t for the horse racing and Midway.

A guy guessed my age and came within 4 months, pretty good.

In the evening we got seas in the grand stand and watched the Evening show. It was fine.

They had some fine animal acts.

The Hollywood Brick Layers, trained dogs.

The two Royal Bears.

And Sharkey the trained seal.

We got home before M

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