Sunday, Sept. 23, 1945

266th day – 99 days to follow

Brown’s Dig

Went up on the hill and fixed the fires, saw Nellie and Mrs H.

Stopped in for a few minutes to Walder, Pic and the kids, they are all fine.

Just after I got home, Bill Whiting and I went up to the dig, his son-in-law went up and took the car when we got out and came back got us when we left.

We had very poor digging, we found one large quartz snub nose scraper, one small felsite scraper, the size of a nickel, one small hearth and one ash pit, one bone bead, and one triangular red felsite arrowhead and one large chard of broken quartz tempered pottery.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire.

Eleaonr got 15 eggs today, her top score.

Mrs Holman was in here tonight.

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