Saturday, Oct. 13, 1945

286th day – 79 days to follow

MAS Meeting

Fair and cool.

Bill came up this Am about 8 we went to WHitman and picked up Seamus and he drove up to 40 Trinity Place to the MAS semi ann meeting.

Bill, Adrian and I went out with Charlie to a Johnson restaurant and had lunch.

We had a fine meeting, I got 28 votes for Sec vice Pres

Seamus and Charlie brought some second hand books.

We had a blowout on the way home and had to have that fixed.

Murphy drove us home.

Fred Johnson brought my pot down from Andover, Adrian brought it as his house, we stopped there as we came by and got it.

There was a big apartment house fire burning while we were having our banquet.

George got home tonight from Miss with his discharge.

Thel and Ski went up to Lakeville to the Middleboro Fair this afternoon.

Geo was in the Army 3 years and 6 days.

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