Tuesday, Oct. 16, 1945

289th day – 76 days to follow

Shut off water.


First real sign of fall today, saw a small flock of 13 wild geese flying over the hill at 4 PM.

Jubbie worked today.

The cook said Mrs H called up and said they took Hank to a hospital and he may have to stay there a few days.

Geo came up on the hill and got my line level to set up the oil stove with.

Geo and Eleanor worked all this afternoon up on their house.

Geo has to go over to town and take Eddie’s wife up to the hospital, her second trip there for the same reason.

Geo got some shells to go duck hunting with.

Thel let Charlie Holman take our car for the day.

We cut off a lot of tree limbs.

I shut off the outside water today.

Bobbie and his wife were here all the evening.

Thel and Ski went up to a meeting of the Church members, they decided to hire a new Minister.

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