Wednesday, Oct. 31, 1945

304th day – 61 days to follow

The tree men, Fred Moon, and Jubbie worked today.

Got a letter from Jerry he said I must have taken the wrong top coat and I had.

Saw Mr H this am he was on his way to Martha’s Vineyard.

Went in to see Mr Dutton, he gave me the keys to his house and wants me to look his house over once in a while.

Mrs H and the girls left for Boston this afternoon.

Jubbie and I closed up the house this afternoon.

Thel, Ski, and I went up to Eleanors for supper, as it was George’s birthday, his mother was there.

After supper his brother and sister all came in and brought him presents.

When we came out to come home the kids had let the air out of one of our front tires by sticking the valve spring down with a match.

We took an Oscar and took air out of the other tires to get home.

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