Friday, Nov. 9, 1945

313th day – 52 days to follow

Fair and warm, fine day.

Fred Moon and Jubbie worked all day.

Put in the whole morning getting the house ready for the folks.

Jubbie and I sawed all afternoon.

Thel went around all afternoon picking up stuff for a rummage sale for the Guild.

I called up Bill about tomorrow and Mr Whiting said that Charlotte has got to move, as Bernagozzi refused to take her rent money and is going to have her evicted from her house.

Thel has gone over to town with Eleanor to get groceries.

Ski and I lugged in the potatoes after supper.

The Hornblowers are supposed to come home tonight.

I called up Pic and she told me the Bank had placed the valuation of the place Eleanor and Geo are buying is worth just what they are going to give for it.

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