Monday, Nov. 19, 1945

323rd day – 42 days to follow

Fair and warm for the season.

Went up on the hill and got my gun and went up thru Ward’s Pasture by the County Farm and up the So Pond Road as far as the Town Forest, then over to Cooks Pond along the shore of the pond and over the hill to Triangle Pond.

Then along the High Tention back to John Vicks trout pond and thru the Swamp to Bubbins place and back to the Hill by the Macadam road.

Saw quite a lot of crows, blue jays, one downy woodpecker, two grey squirrels, and a lot of small birds, didn’t shoot anything.

After dinner I went up on the roof and cemented up the cracks in the chimney.

Ski rode the horse today.

Thel took the car over to town to have it fixed where she got ran into. Claire Driscoll was in tonight and gave us the story of Martha’s wedding.

Dave called up, he and his family are coming down Wed night, he said.

He wants to buy our car.

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