Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1946

23rd day- 342 days follow


Cold this A.M. not much wind. Good day to saw wood.

Silver came down from Eleanors.

Ruth Finney is in Long Island.

Bill came up on the hill at 2 P.M. and he and I went up to Porter Harlows and hunted up near the barn and I found one quartz heart shaped base.

From there we saw about 3 acres of new plowing over by the woods and when we saw it we thought we was going to make a killing. So we hunted all over it and we didn’t find even a flake.  I went over near the house while Bill got the car and I found a small light green triangular perfect point that is perfect.  From there we went over to Bartlett Pond and I found the base of a good spear point in the roadway.

Eleanor and Marie were down here this afternoon.

Ethel Swift was here too.

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