Saturday, Feb. 2, 1946

33rd day- 332 days follow


Fair and not too cold.

The boss and Mr. Bubbins were up on the hill this morning.  Geo. Crowell came up later.

Sawed wood in back of the barn.

After dinner Bill and I took a ride down as far as West Barnstable hunting arrowheads, no plowed land at all to speak of, found only a few gardens and nothing on them. Bill found one nice point, small.

Bill gave me a nice mess of trout.

When we got back here, George and Bertha Lee were here, they had supper with us and played crib. till 11 P.M.

We took them home.

Got a nice long letter from Ski.  She said they are staying there till Feb. 23.

Got a letter from Dottie. She said they may take a ride down tomorrow.

Getting much colder tonight.

Ground hog day, plenty of sun.

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