Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1946

50th day- 315 days follow

(State income tax) (Arrowhead) (Brockton)

Partly cloudy and cold.

Went up on the hill and checked up then came back and Thel and I went up to Brockton.

Got my eyes examined and paid for some glasses, got a pair of shoes and a pair of pants.

Thel did a few errands so we were there most of the day.

On the way home we stopped a few minutes in Halifax + I looked over a garden where I used to find arrowheads, and I found one small stemmed dark felsite point.

No letter from Ski today.

Met Fred Challoner in Kresgeys the first time I have seen him for several years.

Radio predicts snow for tomorrow.

Payed my state income tax while I was in Brockton.

After supper Thel and I took a ride up to see Eleanor, George, + Marie for a part of the evening.

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