Sunday, Feb. 23, 1946

54th day- 311 days follow

Fair and warmer.

Up on the hill I saw one of the grey squirrels, a lot of myrtle warblers, some juncos and five blue jays, and one flicker.

Thel went off to Boston early this A.M.

Claire Driscoll came in after dinner. She said she is going to have a radio mast erected up on her hill.

Bill Whiting came up and stayed a couple of hours this afternoon. Eleanor and Marie were here when I came home at noon.  Ski and I rode up to her house and took some of her stuff home.  I gave her ½ bu. Of potatoes.

Went up on the hill tonight to fix the furnace.

Lots of rabbit tracks up on the hill.  Stopped in to see Walder about my Income Tax.

Betty Covell and her boy friend came down this evening and played cards.

Thel got home about 9 P.M.

There was about ½ an inch of light snow this morning.

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