Saturday, March 2, 1946

61st day- 304 days follow

Cloudy and warmer this A.M.

Harry, Bud and Geo. Crowell stopped on the hill this morning on their way to Marthas Vineyard and they are going there over the week end.

Thel and Ski went to see Leave Her to Heaven.

Geo. S. came in at noon and I went up to the new dump with him and a load of rubbish.

After dinner I took the bus over to Memorial Hall and voted for town officers.

When I came ack I stopped in at Walders, just as he and Pick were going over to vote so I rode with them and sat in the car with Eric and David while Walder and Pic went into the poles.

Walder took me up on the hill and brought me home.

Thel and Ski took Evelyn home then went up to Eleanors.

Ski went up to Maraghy’s tonight.

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