Thursday, March 14, 1946

73rd day- 292 days follow

Saw Bud and Priscilla up on the hill this morning and they asked me to go fly fishing with them up at the Forge pond, so we went up and started fishing about 10:30.  This was the first time in my life I have ever fished for trout with a fly and I caught the first one.  All together we got 7 good keepers.  We ate lunch at the boat house and fished till about 3:30 then we brought Harry’s canoe home.  I rode home with them and they went back to Boston.

When I got home I found Thel, Ski, Dot, and Cozette had been down to the camp all day

Thel took her mother over to see Dr. Reed.

I caught a butterfly and saw two turtles.

Ski went to work tonight.

After supper Thel and I went up to Eleanor and Georges and we played 9 games of cribbage.  Thel and I won six of them

A wonderful day today. Wind So. warm and just like summer.

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