Saturday, March 30, 1946

89th day- 276 days follow

Cloudy and cold wind N.E.

Mr. H., Mrs. H. and Martha were up on this hill this morning.

Jubbie and I helped Mrs. H. around the house.

Bill Whiting was up on the hill.  He said he got the herring rights in Eel River this year.  I told him I would go with him this afternoon, then had to call him up as I had forgotten that I was going to Phil Chandlers funeral.

Mr. Shanklin was here, and so was George when I came home at noon.  

Mr. Shanklin and I went to the funeral.  It was a big one.

Geo. and Eleanor came down and I and George went up to his place and we built a playpen for Marie.  We came back here and had supper.

Ski went to work tonight.

Some of the Driscolls were down here today.

I saw Joe Manter and he said he would plow for George and Mrs. H. and me.

We put a stove on the trailer for the camp.

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