Tuesday, April 16, 1946

106th day- 259 days follow

Cool and fair wind west.

Bud Whiting came up on the hill for a few minutes this A.M.

Art Cox was in to see Thel to get help on a truck he was driving.

After dinner Jubbie and I heard the fire alarms, and we went out by the barn to see if we could see anything.

We did.  We saw smoke rising up on the Long Pond Road up by the entrance of the S. Res.  While we were looking at it we saw another start up on the Jordan Road, then we looked over towards the Pine Hills and there was one in back of Geo Leaches.

At 4 P.M. Russ Snow came up on the hill and he and I went up to see the fire.  The two fires had run together and gone across above Clam Pudding Pond.  Very strong wind.  Thel, Ski, Pic, Ginnie and their kids were up on the hill to look at the fires.

After supper Geo. called up and said there was a fire up at Hornblowers so Thel and I went up.  It was over at H. H

Then we went down to the Baptist church and heard Mr. Shanklin preach.

We stopped at the Milk Bar.

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