Friday, April 19, 1946

109th day- 256 days follow


Went up on the hill and fixed up my cold frames.

Bill Whiting was up here for a short time this A.M.

Cleaned up my garden so it can be plowed.

Thel and I went down to the camp and before we started to eat our dinner two large fires broke out one on each side of the Canal and they sure looked awful for about five hours.

Pic, Walder and the boys came down to the camp for an hour in the late afternoon.

I worked all the time, was there fixing things up, putting the boat in the pond, and raking up the place.

When we got home I heard that the fire on this side of the canal  burned up the large poultry farm by the Sagamore Bridge.

Ski and Jubbie and some more of the kids are going down to the skating rink in Onset.

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