Tuesday, April 30, 1946

120th day- 245 days follow

Cloudy in morning clear in afternoon.

This morning I rode my wheel up to Kings Path to see if there was any of the white wisteria that could be moved, there was none.

Went over to Carl Bolt’s shanty. He was out, stopped in to see Eleanor for a few minutes.

Stopped a few minutes at Beach park to see Steve Treglawn, and watch the shovel digging out the bottom of the river.

Mr. Gilbert was up on the hill.

Saw Redo at noon about some work on the hill.

Jubbie and I split wood all this afternoon.

When I came home tonight I dug up around my peach trees.

The Pythian Sisters have a meeting here tonight.

May was here this afternoon.

Thel took me up to stay with George while Eleanor was down here.

We played several games of horse shoes which I won.  We played several games of cribbage. I won the rubber.

Thel said they had a good time at the past chief’s meeting.

Ski worked up at Hughes’ today.

One Reply to “Tuesday, April 30, 1946”

  1. Times haven’t changed. The river is constantly being “shoveled” out as sand is moved from the. beach into the river with each severe storm.


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