Thursday, May 23, 1946

143rd day- 222 days follow

Weeded in the cutting garden all day.

Jubbie worked today.

Cozette and Helen Griffin worked half a day.

Mrs. Adrian Whiting and Mrs. Wright were up to look at the gardens.

After supper I varnished the gunnels of the boat.

Percy Finney came over and he and I took a walk down to the landing.  Eric, the fellow up at Symington’s, was fishing and he caught one good bass and lost it.

I saw Ralph Manter and he took me over to the shed to see the new power boat he had built.  It is a nice looking cabin cruiser.

Wes Whiting was there.  He is going to put his boat in tomorrow night.

Bill called me up and said he and his son-in-law went out to Kingston and did some digging this afternoon and had good luck for a change.

I hope I can get  my boat in the water soon.

Ski went out with Tillie tonight.

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