Sunday, June 16, 1946

167th day- 198 days follow

Woke up at 4:30 A.M.  Mr. Mr. Shanklin had a swim then we ate breakfast and rowed around the pond, took a walk over on the island, but we caught no fish.

Bill Wilcox got 2 more bass, one about 1 ½ pounds and the other 3 ½, and the law doesn’t go off till July 1.

Archie and I fished without any luck.  Thel and I fished and I got one small pickerel. Fished alone and got one small pickerel, one pout, and 3 good sized red perch.

Mr. Shanklin came down and ate dinner with us.  He said he sold his card radio to Zenas Larsen.

Ski and her friend and Charlie Frazer and the Short girl came down for awhile this afternoon.

Ski’s friend beat me at a game of horseshoes.

Geo. Dunlap is getting a lot better.

Tillie and Rodman passed on the way to Archie’s camp when we were coming home.

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