Monday, July 15, 1946

196th day- 169 days follow

Very light showers this A.M.

Watered all day.  Jubbie trimmed on the hedges.

The boss was up on the hill when I got to work this morning.  He said he probably will be down Tuesday.  Harry and wife were up on the hill and left some salmon in the ice box.

Mary Foley was up on the hill cleaning up.

After supper I mailed a letter to Mr. Barden, took Miles down with me.  Took a walk  down to the boat and put some caulking in it.

Stopped in at noon and tonight at Pick’s to leave a piece of fresh salmon and found that Eric and David were both under the weather.

After supper Thel sent down to Ethel Phillip’s to a card game.

We got a handsome salmon today that the Boss had sent to us from Canada.

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