Wednesday, July 17, 1946

198th day- 167 days follow

Fair and cool.

The boss was up on the hill when I got up there this A.M.  He went off with Geo. Crowell.

Jubbie worked up around the house and I mowed all day at the foot of the front drive.

I stopped at Pick’s at noon to see how Eric was and they were over here.  He seems to be getting better.

I brought home three lengths of hose to water my vines tonight.

Eddie and his friend came in and had supper with us.  They were going to stay here this evening and look over my collection but Ski took them off to the movies with Marion Finney.

I sent a couple of bulletins to Harry N. Mirah of Onset, Mass.

Have seen the quail several times lately up on the hill

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  1. I’ve seen quail once since I started working here at the Museum in 2018. During that summer there was a covey of quail that I would see along the woodland edge of the drive when I entered from Warren Ave. As a boy growing up in Harwich, out on the Cape, they were a common sight.

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