Monday, July 22, 1946

203rd day- 162 days follow

Foggy and cooler north wind.

Stopped in at Pick’s on my way to work.  Eric is much better.

Walder gave me a ride up on the hill.  We plan to go striper fishing tonight.

It was Bob Meyer’s barn that got struck by lightning Sat. night.

Saw a tiny rabbit and a chipmunk up on the hill.

Jubbie is taking his vacation this week. He is going up to Boston to see the sights with his uncle, the Police Inspector.

Eleanor and Marie were here at noon and Marie is all broken out with a rash so Eleanor had the Dr. and he said she has the hives.

I just called up Walder and canceled the fishing trip as a thunderstorm just started.

Wrote a letter to Mrs. Hornblower.

Bud was here tonight and I promised to help finance him in the taxi business.

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