Friday, Aug. 9, 1946

221st day- 144 days follow

Fair and warm.

Harry came up on the hill this A.M. and he and I went up to the golf links and we went over the property lines of the property the Pilgrim Society hopes to get for their Pilgrim village.  We went

over and found Chris Swift and talked of a transaction from him. After dinner I went down to Harry’s and he and I went over to see Pic and get some of Walder’s papers. From there we went over to the Hammond House and saw Miss Whitman about some land of hers, then back to Walder’s bank and talked to him for a time. From there we all [went] over to the First National Bank to the Committee meeting that finished a little after 6 P.M

Saw Geo. Bell today.  It has been 34 years since George and I had our fight in the old armory..

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